Marriage and Family

It is generally and wholeheartedly believed by pastors that it is critical to impact our generation through our churches and godly marriages. Pastors further believe that churches should take an active part in helping marriages and families to be an example to the world of Christ and His bride—the Church. Doing so requires healthy churches.

Healthy marriages are absolutely essential for healthy families and help provide a solid foundation for healthy, vital, and vibrant churches in order to make a generational impact. They are connected, while being divinely and purposefully intertwined.

Cultivating Christ-centered marriages and families must be a top priority from the very beginning. But, how does a pastor accomplish that, when he does not have time for one more thing on his overflowing plate?

Marriage and Family Start-Up Kit

Building on a Firm Foundation

Building on a Firm Foundation is created to provide you with information to help you meet a great need. This book contains ten informative and transformational chapters, ten videos, and ten PowerPoint presentations to use in teaching. It provides a one-year template with suggestions for possible activities for a Marriage and Family Ministry which includes themes, activities, icebreakers, suggested courses and sermon resources.

This book will help you create the dream church you hoped for.

Marital Education

Love Factor in Marriage

Through this course, students will learn to invest their emotions, energy, and time into the eight essentials of a healthy marriage.

Marital Restoration Education

EPIC Marriage: The Spirit-Empowered Living

This course will share with you some of the most important applications that can lead to your marital recovery.

Parent Education

Tools for Godly Parenting

This course gives ways for the reader to glean from the pages of this resource for help to secure success in today’s world.

Premarital Education

Love Factor: Truths to Explore Before You Say, “I Do”

Premarital education provides the premarital couple with the necessary skills, information, and tools for their upcoming marriage. This information also teaches the couple they are responsible for the joy of their long-term relationship and emotional intimacy. Those who take the training are more determined to make their marriage last into old age than those who do not. It helps couples improve their ability to communicate, set realistic expectations for marriage, and develop conflict-resolution skills. Finally, premarital education can help couples establish a positive attitude about seeking help in the future.


Secrets to Growing the Marriage of Your Dreams

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What Others are Saying About Mobilize​

The Mobilize program is one of the best-kept secrets in the Church of God. I use Mobilize every year, seeing many members become strong ministry leaders.

Paul Keeter, Pastor in Fayetteville, NC

The Mobilize program is the best on the market. I have friends in other denominations who want our Mobilize program. We need to utilize these resources for the healthy growth of our local churches.

Bishop Danny Kyei-Poakwa, SNE SOG Regional Director of Education