Lay Ministry Learner


This program is designed for new members and not so new who wants to be fully immersed in their new Pentecostal experience.

The Lay Ministry Learner track of Mobilize is a 6-week course.

About the Book:


Finally—here is a simple, natural way to systematically teach the doctrines of the Bible! This Pentecostal teaching catechism can be used in six ways and utilizes an easy to understand, Q&A format for learning (and explaining) what the Bible really teaches about our Christian faith. Included is a shorter catechism suitable for a quicker, cursory overview, and a longer catechism with full, supporting scripture quotations which is excellent for teaching, online mentoring, discipling, or personal devotions.

In addition . . .

And—a never before published instant classic, Church of God Declaration of Faith: A History. For the first time, we have an actual history of how the Church of God Declaration of Faith came into being. Author James Beaty has given us a heavily annotated, insightful, and enjoyable journey into the history of who we, as the church of God are and what we believe. This is a treat for leaders and laity alike.


  • Q&A Format- includes a shorter Catechism AND a longer format with complete scripture references and quotes
  • Six different fully explained outlined ways to use. Can be used for mentoring, discipling or teaching
  • Use online, small groups, classes, or church-wide
  • Includes never before published Declaration of Faith: A history
  • Appendices include D.O.F. and doctrinal/practical commitments

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The Learner includes:

  • The textbook: A Pentecostal Teaching Catechism of the Christian Faith by James M. Beaty
  • A teacher guide
  • A student workbook by Nellie Keasling.

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What Others are Saying About Mobilize​

The Mobilize program is one of the best-kept secrets in the Church of God. I use Mobilize every year, seeing many members become strong ministry leaders.

Paul Keeter, Pastor in Fayetteville, NC

The Mobilize program is the best on the market. I have friends in other denominations who want our Mobilize program. We need to utilize these resources for the healthy growth of our local churches.

Bishop Danny Kyei-Poakwa, SNE SOG Regional Director of Education