What Are the Primary Goals
of Mobilize?


To develop a culture of faithful servant-leadership in the local church.


To emphasize the establishment of biblical covenant-team relationships between pastors, local church leaders, and members.


To provide effective and cutting-edge ministerial resources that encompass the training and formation of spiritual integrity in every believer.

What is a “Bird’s-Eye” Overview of Mobilize: Local Leadership Development?

Level One: The Foundation

The pastor guides participants in becoming workers for Christ through two, three-month series of studies:

  • Part A: Leadership Skills – Enabling members to become leaders.
  • Part B: Character Formation – Discipling members into Christlikeness.

Level Two: The Ministry Plan

Individuals choose, in consultation with the pastor, a specialization area of ministry that they personally desire to establish in their church. Level Two studies are divided into two, three-month sections:

  • Part A: Ministry Foundations and Principles – Discovering key information about their specialized ministry.
  • Part B: Ministry Skills and Practices – Acquiring abilities for specialized ministry.


Include thirteen (13) areas of ministry.

What Others are Saying About Mobilize

  • The Mobilize program is one of the best-kept secrets in the Church of God. I use Mobilize every year, seeing many members become strong ministry leaders.

    Paul Keeter

    Pastor in Fayetteville, NC
  • The Mobilize program is the best on the market. I have friends in other denominations who want our Mobilize program. We need to utilize these resources for the healthy growth of our local churches.

    Bishop Danny Kyei-Poakwa

    SNE SOG Regional Director of Education